Graphin is a pioneer of image input and data I/O boards.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any question on graphic/image input boards.

We provide products that combine two different domains; the image processing technology of graphics, and the information technology of communication interfaces.


Graphin to announce Graphic Capture Board with 2.5Gbps x 4-Lane, GPLAB-2500-4PDPS compliant to D-PHY (version 1.2)


DATA SPIGOT series : GPIO-6400


●Now on sale
 Large-Ccapacity,High-Speed Data Input-Output
 Board GPIO-6400


DATA Spigot Products


GPirates series : Capture board for MIPI(CSI-2)4lane


●Now on sale
  USB2.0 capture board for MIPI(CSI-2)4lane : GPLAB-2000LB
  USB3.0 capture board for MIPI(CSI-2)4lane : GPLAB-1000-4U


●Coming soon
  CameraLink system for MIPI(CSI-2)4lane : GPLAB-1000-CLSYS
  Programmable powers &
          Current measurement board : GPLAB-2000-DPS

   Gpirates Products

Joint Efforts between Imatest and Graphin Dramatically Reduce Time Required for ImageSensor Configuration
(2011/02/09) more

Image input boards
Introduction to Interface boards that connect between industrial image testing system cameras and PCs
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Image sensor evaluation system
Special solutions for Image-sensor products for MIPI CSI-2.

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Digital input/output boards
Introduction to Digital input/output boards that interface between target devices and PCs at high-speed with enough capacities
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Customized Development
We would be more than happy to meet your design requirement, to improve your specifications, and to build newly your development and your systems.
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